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Park Philippi hosts the international cycling tourism event “BREVET” of 210 kilometers, which will take place in Eastern Macedonia Region, Northern Part of Greece.

What is defined as “Park Philippi”?

The “Park Philippi” project is primarily concerned with the unification and simultaneous promotion of the region known as Tenageia and Paratenageia under the umbrella of a same brand-name. The development of mutual strategic plans, actions and investments aims at the conversion the aforementioned agri/cultural environment which depicts a region of great historical and national value into a globally recognised destination.

The historical and symbolic character of the Park.

The Philippi region represents an environment, which for the last 8,500 years serves as the host to man, his creations and activities. Amongst the mountains of Pangeo, Falakro, Menikio and Symbolo, where the lake Prasiada used to reside, there lies the fertile plain of Philippi, unique of its kind. This large chunk of a land hosted several generations of men and their activities, some of whom/which became known and unparalleled throughout history.

1. ACP number of Brevet Certification: 650067

The general conditions for participation are defined as below:

1. ACP number of Brevet Certification
2. Submission of the registration, attached with relevant solemn declaration

The date of the Event will be the 23rd of September 2023

The basic trace route diagram is set as below:

Archaelogical site of Philippi – Lydia – Kalampaki – Ftelia – Mikrochori – Drama – Kokkinogeia – Aggitis – Grammeni – Charitomeni – Kali Vrisi – Kallithea – Perichora – Agiochori – Alistrati – Mesorachi – Nea Mesolakia – Leon of Amfipolis – Amfipolis – Nea Mesolakia – Palaiokomi – Mikro Souli – Rodolivos – Proti – Antiphilippi – Eleftheroupolis – Kokkinochoma – Stavros – Amigdaleonas- Krinides – Finishing Line

Orientation Map

Contextual events

1. Opening Ceremony on the 23rd of September 2023
2. Closing Ceremony on the 23rd of September 2023

The individuals interested in participating should submit an online registration form and accept compulsorily the special terms for participation. At the end of the event they can also
indicate whether they desire to receive medals and relevant certificates.

The participants can download the specific route details (roadbook), the brief book of rules and the digital document (gpx) compatible with GPS devices from the email sent to them after their online

The organisers shall provide bagdrops, if requested via E-mail until the 11th October.

The participants shall wear the required equipment as provided in the special terms for participation, pursuant to the rules of Audax Randonneurs Grece and Audax Club Parissien.

The checkpoints and any supply points are 5 in number and are indicated in the orientation map and the relevant roadbooks.

The participants can acquire any relevant information concerning the event schedule upon the date of the event announcement.

The telecommunication Greek providers cover the entire route.

In case the participants desire any additional information or service from the organisers, they can refer to the site roadbook and the relevant contact details:

Registration Guidelines
Would you like to participate in this Brevet;
● Refer to the event announcement (General & Special)

How can you register to the Audax Randonneurs Greece in order to participate in a Brevet Brevet.

Refer to Registration form for Audax Randonneurs Greece ( Registration form)

Postal address
Tasiopoulos Vagelis
Eratosthenous 12
11635 Athens Greece
Registration Form

Organisers contact details
Name and telephone number of the information co-ordinator: Ioakeim Karyatis: 6955218526,
Telephone number of the Secretariat (master control): +306972889511
E-mail address:
Social media:

Contact during the event
Managers contact details: Ioakeim Karyatis: 6955218526,
Telephone numbers of the Medical Institutions in proximity: +302521 023351
Telephone numbers of the Police Departments in proximity: +302521 055299

VHF channels:
Contact details of the respective Checkpoints: Christos Kariatis, +306972889511
Contact details in case of emergency: Christos Kariatis, +306972889511

Some brief Brevet rules

The participants shall be adults (above 18 years old) on the day of commencement and are expected to be in good physical condition.

The bicycles shall depend exclusively on manpower.

The event will take place in roads and routes open to the public use. Therefore, the participants are expected to obey the applicable rules of circulation and pay regard to all road users. In case of accident the organizers are not in any way liable nor assume any responsibility. The participants are exclusively responsible for their own safety during the course of the event (Any registration is valid upon condition of submitting a relevant solemn declaration).

The participants have to complete the route in no more than 13 hours and 30 minutes in order to achieve a valid finish.

The participants are required to wear the authorized cycling helmet during the entire course of the route.

In case of cycling during night or in condition where visibility is restricted, the participants should have attached to their bicycles a source of white light on the front and one of red light on the back. It is highly recommended that the participants have a spare source of light one for each respective parts of their bicycles. The participants are required to wear a reflective jacket. Any species of reflexive equipment for both hands and legs is suggested.

Escort vehicles and any sort of external help are prohibited during the course of the route, save for the checkpoints.

In case of forfeiture, the participants should contact and inform the organisers, while the participants are responsible for moving their bicycle to the finishing line. The organisers are not under any obligation to provide any transfer service.

The participants should respect the work of the volunteers, who will be positioned in the respective checkpoints.

The participants are expected to pay due regard to the route instructions and they are exclusively responsible for saving time and kilometers, as the navigation is a pivotal part of the randonneuring.

The Greek Brevet rules and penalties are applicable.

The participants should take care of their own accommodation, nutrition and/or any other subject not mentioned in the aformentioned.

In case of any breach of the above mentioned, the participants will be directly disqualified.

For further information, please refer to the special event announcement.

COVID – 19 Rules
The organizing team, will inform all the athletes in time, about any new restrictions for COVID – 19.

Official Brevet Regulations

Read the official Brevet Regulations that apply to Brevet Philippi

Brevet Philippi is a 210 km historical route, passing through more than 20 local villages and the Municipalities of Kavala, Drama, Doksato, Prosotsani, Nea Zichni and Amphipolis.
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Brevet Φίλιπποι