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The “Philippi Brevet” Route connects the consecutive foothills situated on the perimeter of the Philippi Park, commencing from the Archeological site of Philippi (Unesco World Heritage site) which will be the first checkpoint. From that point on, the cyclists will head to the Kalamona village and, once the Kalampaki, Ftelia and Mikrochori villages, they will enter the city of Drama. On the follow, they will cycle on the national road connecting Drama and the Nevrokopi village up until they make a left turn heading to the Kokkinogia village, where the second checkpoint will be positioned.

Leaving behind the first checkpoint, the cyclists will be confronted with a rather beautiful, but uphill, route following the foothills pattern of the Menikion Mountain. They will cycle through the respective Charitomeni, the Kali Vrisi, the Kallithea, the Perichora, the Agrochorion and the Alistrati villages up until they reach the Lefkothea Station village. Once they do so, they cycle towards the city of Serres for a while up until they make a left turn heading towards the city of Amphipolis. Cycling downhill for several kilometers, they will the Lion of Amphipolis statue, where the third checkpoint will be located. For the sake of the route, the cyclists will have to head back (to the city of Amphipolis) for a few kilometers until they reach a crossroads and continue towards the village of Mesolakia.

Once they reach Mesolakia, they will follow the national road towards the Proti Serron village and after crossing a few kilometers, they will reach a crossroads, where they will a left again heading to the city of Eleftheroupolis. Eleftheroupolis will host the fourth checkpoint. Entering the final part of the Route, the cyclists will cycle towards the city of Kavala up until the reach the crossroads situated on the Stavros village. On this point, they will make a left turn heading towards the Krinides village. There they will be directed to the Pelekanidis square, where they will reach the very last checkpoint of this demanding, yet perfectly balanced and wonderful Route.



km - Archaeological site of Philippi-Departure
km - Kokkinogeia
km - Lion of Amphipolis
km - Eleftheroupolis
km - Archaeological site of Philippi - Finishing line
Brevet Philippi is a 210 km historical route, passing through more than 20 local villages and the Municipalities of Kavala, Drama, Doksato, Prosotsani, Nea Zichni and Amphipolis.
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Brevet Φίλιπποι