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Hiking at the Aggitis Gorge and Alistrati Cave

Hiking at the Aggitis Gorge and Alistrati Cave


A really great place that very few know is the Gorge of Aggitis starting from Symvoli village in Serres region and ends at Angista village. A place magical and cool, where blue water springs and one can enjoy dragonflies, bike trails, hiking, airlifts and plenty more. Crossing the greek countryside and particularly the Plains of Philippi with its golden-yellow grains, you see from afar the thick vegetation and green clumps of trees and realize that you are reaching to your destination. On the border of Drama and Serres, the river Aggitis joins the Central Canal of the Plains of Philippi and continues headfirst into a wonderful gorge.

We start our day at the Aggiti’s Gorge with experienced mountain guides. We will explore various medicinal plants and herbs and we will also taste them!! Hiking will last almost 1.30 hour. The hike ends at Alistrati’s Cave where we will be guided for an hour. Alistarti’s Cave is one of the most beautiful and biggest caves in Greece, and possibly in Europe.

According to the Greek Mythology near the gorge of Agitti’s River, at the spot named “petroto” (stoned) a sphinx used to appear. It is also mentioned that Pluton, the god of the underworld, he used this gorge to take Persephone, the daughter of the God Dimitra, after kidnapping her.

Sunday 20 October
Price: 32€ /person
Time Schedule: 9am – 3pm
Minimum number in order to make the excursion: 20.
The price includes transfer by bus from Kavala, entrance at the cave and guided tour.


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